THE following radio messages were received by me on the evening of September thirteenth, while at sea, en route to Athens, and after:

Simpson                            Date 9-13-22.

                                         Time 2220

0113 fire has almost reached Consulate. Consulate has escaped with practically all official matter of value. A large number of other Americans have been taken on board and now being taken on board but have no complete muster as yet. Entire population on water front have placed many orphans and employees of American benevolent associations on Winona with request but not order to evacuate them to Athens promising your assistance in matter of their landing.

Signed Litchfield Capt.


Simpson                            Date 9-14-22

                                         Time 1130

For Horton. Winona leaving 4 p.m. to-day for Piraeus with three hundred and fifty refugees directed to report to you for instructions about evacuation. Simpson awaits arrival Winona due about 9 a.m. Friday

Signed Hepburn Capt.


Simpson rdo                     Date 9-15-22

                                         Time 0800

   Direct for Horton. 0114 ref my 0114 dash 1136 Winona will have about 1000 refugees destroyer Odsafl left 7a.m. for Salonica with 600 all she could carry. Please announce and assist evacuation if possible.

Signed Hepburn Capt


Simpson rdo                     Date 9-15-22

S. S. Winona                     Time 07.00

Consul-General Horton, U. S. S. SimpsonóWinona arrives 11 A. M. to-day with refugees. Please arrange to expedite debarkation. Short of provisions.

Singed Walter Master.


Simpson rdo                         Date 9-15-22

Simpson                                              Time 0850

1014 for Horton Am Consul September 14th, 5 p.m. Consulate completely destroyed by fire last night. Code funds and valuable documents saved. Three-fifths of city now burning and no apparent possibility of stopping fire. Your personal property including car lost Credit Lyonnais in midst of fire zone and manager and staff gone.

Signed, Barnes.



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